It’s time you got recognized for your expertise, skills and prowess in the PMU industry.

We believe that in order to build a successful PMU business,
you need to feel supported.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help PMU artists feel recognized, represented and seen in this industry and give them the resources they need to take their businesses all the way.

We’re working together to change the face of the PMU industry and make enough room for all PMU artists to take their seat at the table and be a leader in the industry.


The Black Micropigmentation Association is for any PMU artist who strives for excellence. Our founders are four Black artists and business owners who, collectively, have over 24 years’ experience in the beauty industry. Each of them have built their businesses in a way that comes away from the idea of hustle, hustle, hustle, and instead focuses on sustainability, longevity and legacy building – something that they want to help more PMU artists learn how to do.

Kechia Taylor

Kechia Taylor is the founder, CEO and Franchisor of Brows & Co., and the host of the Black Girls Blade podcast. Kechia has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, starting her career as a beauty esthetician in Maryland. Kechia’s brow journey started in the early 2000’s when she took her first master brow sculpting course with the eyebrow king, Damone Roberts. After this, she trained in multiple institutions around the world, such as Phi Brows, Swiss Colors, Scalpa, and EyeDesign. She also took the necessary exams to become a licensed PMU artist, and she is now a licensed permanent makeup artist with 15 + certifications in permanent makeup and special techniques such as microblading, Nano-brows and scalp micropigmentation. As well as running Brows & Co. out of multiple locations and franchising the company, Kechia is an expert trainer and, since 2017, has helped over 800 women build their beauty businesses in permanent makeup through her beginner and advanced courses in microblading, machine strokes and ombré powder brows. Kechia is also a beauty business coach specializing in helping clients with leveraging local SEO to build their clientele.

Sheron Devlin

Sheron has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She started as the co-owner of a hair salon in 2005 but it wasn’t until 2016 that she took an interest in Microblading and attended her first class with Eye Design University. Since then she’s traveled the world to enhance her skills and has obtained certificates with Phi Brows, Scalpa and Beau Institute. Sheron is a certified PMU and has over 15 certifications. Her certificates range from Nano Brows to Scalp Micropigmentation. Her passion has become teaching other women the skills necessary to become a successful Permanent Makeup Artist. Along with that she is currently running multiple locations along with a mentorship program for previous students who are looking to take their career to the next level.


Dior Davenport and Shalon Burruss

Shalon Burruss and Dior Davenport are CEO’s of Shador Studio, a beauty studio and training institute that specializes in permanent cosmetics, eyelash extensions, body sugaring and skincare. They are both licensed estheticians, permanent cosmetic artists and educators with an extensive knowledge in all skin types specializing in Eumelanin skin. Shalon and Dior have over twelve years’ experience in the beauty industry and own and operate studios in Arizona, USA, and London, England.

Shalon’s passion is education. She has over ten years’ experience as an educator holding a dual master’s degree in education. Shalon has built curriculums for several programs and is a master at teaching all types of learners. Her passion comes from knowing learning never ends and that learning is a cycle. This is why Shalon encourages her students to never stop learning because one day they may also become educators.

Dior’s passion is entrepreneurship. Dior has over twelve years’ experience as a business owner, and 8 years’ experience as an educator holding a master’s degree in higher education. Dior loves educating others on how to create, build, and scale successful beauty businesses.

Both Shalon and Dior hold multiple certifications including: eyelash extensions from Novalash, Body sugaring from Alexandria professionals, Microblading/HD Line Brows, and Brow Architecture from the Lash and Brow Academy, Nano Brows from Selen Beauty and PMU Basic and PMU Advanced, Color X, and Lift Meso, from Swiss Color International.




It’s beyond time for Black artists to feel truly represented within the PMU industry. We’re dedicated to building a supportive community and network that makes room for everyone and also gives Black artists in particular the opportunity to come to the forefront. 

Legacy Building

We’re not here to play. By building successful, profitable and sustainable PMU businesses we are building legacies, creating generational wealth and changing our families’ lives. It’s time to think bigger than 6 figures; there truly is no limit to how far you can take your business. 


In any professional organization, there needs to be a seat at the table for everyone. We are proud to be advocating for and helping to create a more inclusive PMU industry; one that doesn’t leave anybody out.


We’re committed to making the Black Micropigmentation Association the internationally-recognized and recommended professional association for PMU artists. At the heart of this is our world-class training, certification programs, and the support we provide for both new and established artists.


We strive for excellence and so do all of our members. We put our high standards in safety and expertise at the centre of our licensing, training and certification programs to ensure that we’re leading the way in the industry.

Black women have been making
waves in the beauty and tattooing
industries for decades.

For too long, there has been a lack of representation, support and education for and by Black artists. Too many conference line-ups with an obvious lack of diversity. Too few examples of Black artists who are leading the way and building hugely profitable, sustainable businesses. Too few options for artists who want to be part of a truly innovative, revolutionary organization and professional association. 

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